Employee Assistance Consultants was founded in May 1977 as a division of Recovery Services Council, Inc. The City Commission with the approval of an advisory board authorized Recovery Services Council (RSC) to establish an Occupational Programming Division with an initial allocation of $18,000. This division became known as EMPAC.

In addition to the RSC monies, EMPAC also received state financing. It was understood by all parties that both grants were only “seed” money designed to help EMPAC eventually become self-sufficient. It was further understood that once EMPAC became stable, it would be separated from RSC. The goal was for EMPAC to become an independent not-for-profit corporation, governed and financed by the companies associated with the consortium.

Three companies founded the nucleus of the EMPAC consortium: Beech Aircraft, Gates Learjet, and Pizza Hut. In 1981, having achieved complete financial autonomy, the consortium of 21 companies was chartered by the State of Kansas as a 501-C4 not-for-profit agency.

The objective of EMPAC was to make available to every employer in the Wichita area the resources and technical assistance necessary to implement and operate an EAP of the best possible quality, at the lowest possible cost.

Since EMPAC had its origin as a part of Recovery Services, the major thrust of EMPAC was to provide assistance for employees with alcohol and drug addictions. Over the years, EMPAC became a “broad brush EAP”, providing assessment and referral for a wide variety of services to assist employees and family members with help for: marital and family relations, emotional and social concerns, financial or legal matters, and work-related issues. In recent years, EMPAC has added services such as short-term counseling, management consultation, exit interviewing, mediation, a resource library, insurance gatekeeping, a diversity of specialized training presentations, potential of violence assessment and critical incident stress debriefing.

EMPAC enjoyed steady growth, adding Cessna Aircraft in 1978, the City of Wichita and USD #259 in 1981. Currently, EMPAC contracts with numerous companies and provides services for thousands of employees and their families across the United States.