Mission / Values / Vision
Mission Statement

Provide an excellent, comprehensive, and individualized resource for employees, family members, and the member company in achieving their full potential.

Values Statement

The guiding values of EMPAC are:

Integrity - Integrity entails qualities such as character, honesty, and forthrightness.

Caring - The concerns and well being of clients and companies are of utmost importance.

Hope - Hope is an essential part of human life and in any organization. We believe that for any issue there are alternatives and options, which offer hope, optimism, and growth.

Innovation - In order to provide effective service, it is imperative that education and growth occur within the organization.  A core value is to provide the best possible training for staff and to provide modern and effective technology to support excellence.

Vision Statement

The vision of EMPAC is to become the best employee assistance program in the Midwest, by experiencing continued growth in quality, service, programs, and size.