Breast Reduction Surgery
Some women suffer from general discomfort, back pain, self-consciousness, and other problems as a result of oversized breasts. Breast reduction surgery allows these women to live more comfortably, enabling them to wear a wider variety of clothes and avoid the back pain often associated with large, heavy breasts. Dr. Potter performs breast reduction surgery to treat women with overly large breasts, and also performs breast reduction surgery for men with gynecomastia.

 The breast reduction procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Potter will make an incision under the nipple and down the breast to the inframammary fold where the breast connects to the chest. Excess tissue and skin are then removed, reducing the breasts' weight and volume, and, if necessary, the breasts are lifted into position higher on the chest. Dr. Potter may reposition the nipple to account for a new breast shape and size.

Breast reduction patients can expect a recovery period of four to six weeks following surgery. Some soreness and swelling are normal during the first two weeks, and the breasts may be tender for up to six weeks. In light of this, they should be treated gently. Some patients experience numbness and desensitization in the breast for months, and it is occasionally permanent. Surgical scars will fade over time, but may never completely disappear.

Dr. Potter is committed to helping his patients achieve a beautiful body contour using breast reduction or breast lift surgery. To schedule a consultation, contact Graystone Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery today.