Online Training

For questions or problems with the online training, please contact Rachel at

EAP Refresher Course for Supervisors

This course is designed for both new and existing supervisors who want to learn or brush up on utilizing the EAP and getting the maximum benefit from the program.  Be sure to follow the instructions at the end to receive your certificate and claim full credit for completing the session. 

Live Online Webinars

We periodically schedule online "webinars" that you can attend right from your computer, at home or work!  The software is completely safe and the initial download normally takes less than a minute. 

You will need a stable internet connection and a telephone to access the webinar.  The phone call for the teleconference portion is toll-free. 

Below is the schedule for upcoming webinars and registration form.   Click on the course title for the course outline.  Please note that this form will not allow you to register for classroom training sessions. 

You can also download recordings of previously held webinar sessions.  Visit our web-conference page for details.

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