Office space that serves your business needs.

The Office and Technology center offers a cost effective solution for small and medium sized companies and branch offices with very little upfront cost and flexible lease terms. You can typically move into your office in a day and have access to a professional environment and services without the overhead.

Building your small business takes many dedicated hours in your office. Your office serves as a place of business operations, client communications, and a daily reminder of your purpose. It makes sense to choose your office space like any business decision; look at the alternatives and determine your best course of action. Our cost-effective alternative to traditional office leasing is the shared office space.

What many start-up entrepreneurs or home office company owners come to realize, is an office space can be a large overhead expense and a cash drain on precious capital. Your industry, clients, or work sanity might require a professional looking office. Shared office space can ease your rental anxiety with quality offices within your budget. Get the windowed office you've always wanted.

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