Chromosomal Laboratories, Inc is a leading analytical laboratory specializing in DNA analysis for forensic casework, convicted offender databasing, paternity, family reconstruction, ancestry, and research and development.

A core philosophy at Chromosomal Laboratories is “Quality Built-In”.  This means that every step of the process, from sample collection to results reporting, is critically designed, evaluated and monitored.  This translates into the highest quality possible.   

The management and technical team at Chromosomal Laboratories has over 100 years of successful experience in the laboratory testing industry.  The diversity of the team's experience and technical talent is unparalleled and ranges from paternity and forensics to laboratory analysis of environmental bacteria and fungi, anthrax and related bioterrorism agents, chemical contaminants, toxicology, vaccine development, expert witness, consulting, research and development and the manufacture of medical devices.

In demonstration of excellence, Chromosomal Laboratories participates in a number of national and international accreditation programs, including the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), Forensic Quality Services – International, (FQS-I) and the New York Department of Health. These programs provide external review and approval of the laboratory systems and quality.