Pat Ranson, President and Compliance Manager, monitors current law and regulations and customizes drug alcohol programs to fit your company's needs

Brad Storey, Executive Vice President and Collection Administrator, schedules trained Breathalyzer Technicians and collections sites for walk-in or mobile services. Certified Professional Collection Trainer (CPCT)

Ilene Reilly, Vice President

Cory McMullin, Certified Professional Collection (CPC) and office support

Jennifer, Karen, Roy and Sharon, comprise the field staff of trained collectors and Breath Alcohol Technicians (BATS)

Clinical Reference Lab is a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) certified lab

Timothy Scanlan MD., certified Medical Review Officer (MRO), associated with Addiction Specialists of Kansas. He verifies drug test results, communicates confidentially with employees and employers in cases of positive resultsand coordinates with other medical professionals.

Janet Cox, certified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), associated with Employee Assistance Consultants (EMPAC), evaluates employees who have tested possitive for alcohol amd/or drugs and develops a program for rehabilitatiion